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About Us

In France, crêpes are rarely to be seen as a grab and go type of meal. Rather the French is used to have it in a restaurant setting which they called "Crêperie". It is a specialty type of restaurants where they only sell crêpes. Inspired through this rich history, Maison Tremel aims to deliver the consumers a taste of authentic French crêpes as they would have tasted and experiences it in a traditional French Crêperie in France.

Crêpes originally come from the Bretagne region located on the West coast of France, where tourists from around the world flock to visit and try a taste of the traditional French crêpes.


One of our founders born and grew up in the Bretagne region of France, giving him a taste bud and skills to recreate the heritage recipes that has been perfected throughout the decades.

Do you know that the real crêpes is soft skin, not crispy hard? Using specialty crêpes machine called Billig, the original French style crêpes are formed to a feather thin layer of soft pancake, loaded with toppings as such sauces, fruits, or cheese.


The most common form of crêpes is triangle however in France it can be rolled or form to a tied round shape. As we serve patisserie toppings,  we present our crêpes in a rolled form for toppings preservation and easier takeaway carry.

As substitute to crêpes, we also recently launched Belgian Waffle. You can switch base as you like between our soft French crêpes and crispy Belgian waffle. Our waffles is made based on original Belgian recipes which are perfectly crisp and golden on the outside while being light and fluffy on the inside!

Belgian waffles are similar to classic waffles, except that they have deeper pockets due to being made in a Belgian Waffle Maker.  Belgian waffles are also very light and airy inside. Because of the major texture difference, you cannot use pancake batter to make these waffles! Our recipes is the truly authentic recipe of Belgian waffle for you to experience Belgian waffle as you have it in Brussels.


Bon Appetit!